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8 advantages of certification

"Our program is the premier certification in the world, teaching global sales with global Marketing Agreements."

- Olivier Mevellec

1. Legally borrow listings to create a global portfolio


  • Brand yourself to your clients as a “Global Agent, and NOT Just A Local Agent!”
  • Beat your local competitors on listing presentations with your Global Portfolio

Gained opportunities occur when you share with your clients how being a Certified Global Marketing Agent will help them buy or sell out of state and/or the country

2. Co-market your local listings to the world with the GMA network


  • Offer your sellers the most unique marketing value proposition in real estate
  • Offer your sellers 3 packages (Local, North American, & Global) with different fee structures
  • Beat your competitors by taking more listings, thereby increasing your Gross Commission Income

Highlighting the ability to co-market your seller’s properties EVERY TIME you go on a listing appointment will guarantee that you will attain more listings even if you choose to NEVER co-market a listing

3. Help your clients list outside your marketplace


  • Make more referral money

Once certified as a Certified Global Marketing Agent, you are equipped with the proper tools to manage global transactions with the full trust of your clients. As such, you increase opportunities to secure and market properties all over North America and the World

4. Global marketing agreements


  • The only global real estate network to provide and train on Attorney drafted agreements required for inter-state & international sales
  • Digitized, e-Sign agreements paired with automated workflows for ease of use
  • Downloadable pdf copies

Having the processes streamlined and digitized saves valuable time and effort so submitting and co-marketing listings in the GMA™ Network is a breeze.

5. Instantly tap into the luxury market


  • Legally borrow luxury listings from Certified Global Marketing agents in 15 minutes
  • Market “Luxury Listings” to your chosen luxury market area
  • Gain instant credibility
  • Personalized copy of Castles & Estates e-Magazine and discount rates for extra copies

Most luxury sellers will not trust an agent to list their properties until that agent can demonstrate they have listed high-end properties before. Many agents can spend years and enormous marketing dollars trying to acquire luxury listings

6. Capture your local expired market


  • Offering expired unique marketing value proposition of GMA
  • Speak “a different marketing language” than your competitors

Ideal for Luxury listings since many luxury buyers come from outside of your local marketplace

7. Access tools and resources via Member’s Portal


  • Interactive, multi-search maps of GMA™ Listings and Agent Roster
  • Video Training course for certification
  • Downloadable certificate, badge and marketing materials library
  • “What’s Next” Roadmap
  • Affiliate referral program
  • Email and Chat Support
  • Licensing rights to all ALL GMA™ trademarked logos, the badge, agreements, tools, etc.

Everything needed is at your fingertips 24/7 to start and sustain your journey as a Global Marketing Agent.

8. Participate in exclusive members only Facebook group


  • Ongoing training, resource sharing and use case examples
  • Live Zoom Roundtable Discussions
  • Live Zoom Onboarding Orientation calls
  • Special Guest topic Live Zoom calls
  • All Zoom calls recorded and accessible for replay
  • Interactive community of sharing
  • One-on-One Coaching available

Our administrative team is dedicated to keeping members updated and supported for continued growth and success.

This course is for Real Estate Agents at ALL LEVELS - New, Experienced & Expert

Gaining your GMA™ Certification

How to become a Global Marketing Agent™ and gain a competitive advantage

Training Videos

Training Videos

  • Extend Reach and Global Credibility
  • Legally Leverage Global Listings to Market as Your Own
  • Provide Sellers broader exposure and expanded coverage
  • Secure listings anywhere around the world

Testing and Certification

Following each videos will be a short test and a final test at the end which must be passed with at least 75% grade. You will then automatically receive your certificate of completion as a Certified Global Marketing Agent™.


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Olivier, thank you for the specialized treatment. I’m getting very positive feedback on the material and your presentation.

Kristina Hayes

Southlake, TX