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Global Marketing Agent™

From the

#1 Global Real Estate Coach


the GMA™ program produces amazing results

for real estate agents at all levels.

Give your entire team
the GMA™ Advantage.

the GMA™ program produces amazing results

for real estate agents at all levels.

Give your entire team the GMA™ advantage broker


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Gaining your GMA™ Certification

How to become a Global Marketing Agent™ and gain a competitive advantage

Training Videos

Training Videos

As a GMA™ member you will have full access to our online training, which include 10 videos covering "How to legally leverage listings", "How to co-market your local listings to the world", "Help your clients list outside your marketplace", and "Instantly get into the expired & luxury markets".

Video training courses include

  • Global Marketing Agent™ Introduction
  • Co-Market Your Properties To The World
  • Proprietary GMA™ Agreements
  • Help your clients list outside your marketplace
  • Instantly Tap Into The Luxury Market
  • Legally Leverage Listings

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Training Outline

Virtual Education

Your Coach

Olivier Mevellec

Co-Founder and President

Olivier joined the European PGA Tour in 1997 where he traveled all over Europe playing in professional golf tournaments. From 1998 to 2002, he worked as a golf professional at some of Texas most prestigious Country Clubs, and played on the NTPGA & STPGA tours. After contemplating a few business opportunities, he decided to take his real estate license and join his mother Audree to form The Mevellec Team, who have set record sales around the world.

Testing and Certification

Following each videos will be a short test and a final test at the end which must be passed with at least 75% grade. You will then automatically receive your certificate of completion as a Certified Global Marketing Agent™.

Once you are a Certified Global Marketing Agent™...

8 advantages of certification

"Our program is the premier certification in the world, teaching global sales with global Marketing Agreements."

- Olivier Mevellec


Legally borrow listings to create a global portfolio

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Co-market your local listings to the world with the GMA™ network

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Help your clients list outside your marketplace

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Global marketing agreements

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Instantly tap into the luxury market

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Tap into your local expired market

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GMA™ Forum

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Free Coaching

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Olivier, thank you for the specialized treatment. I’m getting very positive feedback on the material and your presentation.

Kristina Hayes

Southlake, TX

Full GMA™ Subscription

$240.00 yr.

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What's included in GMA™ membership

Personalized coaching, acquire certification/training, be current in the network, and utilize TM badge, teleconferences, support, access to member toolbox, use of global agreements, drip campaigns, continuing education, and more....

GMA™ Referral Program

As soon as you become a member you will receive the requirements on how to earn a 10% fee on agents you bring into the network, FREE ad spaces in Castles & Estates magazine, and more…
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